Trade Consultation

Trade Consultation

Bradarich International’s mission is to change the way that companies approach global trade compliance. Rather than looking at compliance as a means to an end, we strongly believe that global trade compliance is critical to a company’s overall strategy and creates an ongoing competitive advantage.

Creating value and making a difference by providing innovative and efficient global trade compliance is our mission. We approach every engagement with a goal to teach our clients how to be self-sufficient in managing and supporting their overall global trade compliance program.

Another option to self-managing your compliance program is to outsource it to a cutting edge, industry- savy consultant. Outsourcing of compliance functions can eliminate distractions from a trading company’s core competency and maximize operational efficiency. Upon determining your strategic priorities, we can fulfill all back-office functions of an internal compliance department without the burden of costly overheads.

B/I is there when needed and for the period or project required. The bottom line is that we are focused on minimizing your risk exposure to regulatory issues while we take on the task of developing your compliance program. In return we will help you free up your resources and focus on your business core.